Day 19

Katherine to Cooinda 248 km

Last of the long days today so I started early to beat the heat although as the Siz has no windscreen the evaporative cooling kicks in at over 40 kph, so just keep drinking water.

Yesterday I commented on Chris Dillon going in the opposite direction at the start of the day and in the original draft called him “Chris Wrong Way Dillon” on rereading I thought it a little harsh so removed the “wrong way”.  However today Chris has reestablished his credentials in the navigation department by missing the very well marked turn to Kakadu and headed straight for Darwin or the Minerva was trying to make a break for Port Darwin and first boat to Belgium.  Somehow he has arrived at Cooinda and you can see him fixing Scotty’s 1913 T that ran a few big ends… there was oil in the sump wasn’t there Scotty?

Other disasters were Lee’s Triumph shed it’s pulley so he is now riding the other Triumph (1911?) although that one needed a valve grind but son Rob was on hand to sort that.  As I said Scotty’s T has had the bottom end rebuilt with available materials on hand so it may have leather bearings and a redgum piston if T model legend is anything to go by.

The scenery today was quite varied with the last hill of the rally surprising a few of us, Bob Lamond for instance thought even though he was at the bottom of a valley a sign saying “trucks use low gear” meant a steep decent and as his T has far too many ratios he was stranded in the wrong gear.

An amazing amount of burning off is going on up here so we are constantly coming up on small fires but have not seen anyone ever in attendance.  Occasionally it’s unburnt so the breathing is much easier.

image image (1)From Catrina ”  Thoroughly enjoyed my ride into Kakadu on the Royal Enfield today, and the sunset river cruise was amazing, even if the crocodile was winking at me.”


photo 1

Another use for Telstra rope on Merv Thompson’s T




Photos from Sue, and Frances.  I have added some more photos from John Wightman to some of the previous days.

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  1. Neil Martin says:

    Keep the oil and water up to it Robert L.

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