Day 18

Katherine 0 km Rest Day

Mostly today it was sightseeing with a little maintenance thrown in just to keep the gods happy, personally I’m just touching wood, only 650 km to go.

Katherine Gorge by air and water and again thanks to Barry (B2) for arranging the 8 gorges for 3 deal in the Robinson R44 Helicopter.

As an aside the Robinson R44 uses about 1 litre per minute and cruises at 200 kph, not bad considering it flies and carries 4 people.

image (2)Received another photo from Catrina and the bike is back together so the alcohol supply has been resumed to the crew.



The following from Trish Jensen (1916 Indian) “Had a slight problem with the linkage, helpful staff at Dunmarra brazed it up for us but, as suspected, it didn’t hold so a new one was manufactured from a 10mm bolt they kindly supplied.”

photo image (1)






Here is a press release from Scotty, obviously still in denial regarding the hot rod potential his car.

What a Car!

The 101 year old unrestored T Model Ford that spent 70 years in a barn in the USA continues to confound the owner Scott Staples and crew as it reached Katherine.

We continue to be frustrated with members of the public who ask when will the car be restored.  To the astonishment of some fellow participants the car is still going well with little maintenance.

Some bird pics from Chris and Geoff just to show petrol heading is not a full time occupation, a few from the chopper and a great one of Chris Knoop’s horn.

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  1. kevin says:

    go scotty {almost} in the home straight now

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