Day 17

Daly Waters to Katherine 270 km

For the first time today I just emptied my spare 10 litre fuel can into the tank and took off, as the map said there was fuel at Larrimah a mere 88 km away, however when we turned onto the highway the nice big blue sign said Larrimah 88 km and the fuel symbol had been painted over. Back to the start I really should have taken notice of Chris Dillon in the Minerva going in the opposite direction on my way out, I just could not decipher his hand signals.

Other than that glitch the day went well.  Highlight was a story retold by to me by Carrot that I initially thought had been uncharacteristically embellished, so I went to the source and it just got better, so rally people, your mission before the rally is out is to bail up Brian or Scotty or better still Brian, Bruce and Scotty and get them to retell the story. Warning do not do this on a full bladder.

20140819_180942_resizedTonight we had a birthday or two here at the Ibis, Bruce and Kevin see the pictures (Bruce is the one without the shirt). Also Bronwyn but alas she was lost somewhere in a B&B.






Here is a photo from Catrina, she is concerned that the Royal Enfield is in bits and indicates that the Whiskey may have to be withheld until some further action happens in the reassembling department.



Tomorrow is a rest day, if you want to go for a helicopter flight Barry (B2) has organised flights, go to the national park, there are 2 outfits pick the one with blue helicopters the pilot’s name is Alan.

Thanks for the photos  Frances, Catrina, Geoff and Merv.

Photo on Day 14 and 15 now updated.

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  1. Geoff says:

    The very plentiful road kill critters we’ve been passing the last couple of days are “Bridled Nail-Tailed Wallabies”. Not (so far, anyway…) an endangered species.

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