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NumberFirst NameLast NameStateVehicle YearMake
02 Graeme Hammond WA 1918 Indian
03 Greg Boothey WA 1911 Triumph
05 Alan Maden VIC 1917 American La France
06 David Flentje VIC 1913 Peerless
07 Mark McKibbin VIC 1909 Sizaire Naudin
08 Gavin Mutton QLD 1916 Studebaker
09 Andrew McDougall VIC 1915 Model T Ford
10 Catrina Sargent VIC 1913 Royal Enfield
11 Colin Sargent VIC 1915 Spacke De Luxe
12 Christopher Dillon VIC 1909 Minerva
13 Bevars Binnie NZ 1913 Hupmobile
15 Peter Arnold QLD 1910 Buick
16 Les Johnson NSW 1911 Clement Bayard
17 Rick Johnson NSW 1913 Willy Overland
18 Scott Staples VIC 1913 Ford T
19 Bob Lamond NSW 1917 Ford T
20 Marcus Wills Cooke VIC 1917 Harley Davidson
21 Dave Alderson WA 1913 Triumph
22 Neville Hunter VIC 1918 Indian Power Plus
23 Brian Fleming QLD 1916 GEM JAP
24 Daniel Sargent VIC 1912 Triumph
26 Jodie Thompson VIC 1912 Rover
27 Paul Weidenback SA 1913 Ford T
28 Peter Kellaway SA 1927 Dodge
29 Rod Cripps VIC 1912 Overland
30 John Handley QLD 1909 Darracq
32 Chris Knoop VIC 1913 Chenard Walcker
34 Graham Donges QLD 1911 Brush
35 Barry Deeth QLD 1915 Ariel
39 Wayne Jensen QLD 1916 Indian
40 David Couper VIC 1913 Overland
43 Michael Holding VIC 1910 Buick
44 Carrot Wheeler NSW 1912 Peerless
45 Alan Stratton NSW 1914 Triumph
46 John Stanley NSW 1912 Brush
47 Merv Thompson QLD 1915 Ford T
48 Joy Rainey Worcs, UK 1904 Oldsmobile
49 Lee Wright NSW 1912 Triumph
51 Lyndon Hardman NSW 1909 Talbot
54 Barry Walters VIC 1925 Dodge Fire Appliance
55 Neil Martin NSW 1912 Renault
56 Des Turnbull NSW 1909 Brush or Maxwell
57 John Wightman WA 1929 DKW
59 Lionel Simpson NSW 1916 Ariel
81 Geoff Chennells SA Yellow VW camper Backup
82 Andrew Smith TAS Support
83 Leanne Coates VIC 1997 Toyota Landcruiser
84 Robert Freund SA Support Crew

7 Responses to Entries

  1. Chris Dillon says:

    Hi Mark,
    FYI rang RACV today about total care as I have it, was thinking about towing trailer to Darwin but after talking to RACV, Minerva is covered for up to $2400 in transport fees to home if it breaks down and cannot be repaired within 3 working days, ( which is not likely being what it is ), I was upfront with them and made it quite clear my intentions, so seems to be an excellent alternative to towing a trailer, the only thing is i would have to get vehicle to Birdwood somehow, which won’t be hard, any comments or thoughts ? Have you been down this track before or had any experience with this ?

    • Mark says:

      Yes I have always been in Total care for that reason however I did not know it was so generous.

      You could drive to Birdwood as a shake down, although a fare bit of crappy Victorian weather to traverse to get there.

      Good to see you are coming.



  2. John M Stanley says:

    Hi Mark,
    I mailed my entry last Monday and sent email notifying the same. I have had no reply or confirmation that my entry has been accepted. I hope my entry is on your list. Please confirm.

    • Mark says:

      When I receive the money and the entry form I immediately process your entry.


      Mark McKibbin

      • John M Stanley says:

        You should get my entry and cheque in today’s mail but I can do an electronic transfer if you wish. Please advise.

        • Mark says:

          Mail will be in soon, as long as I get it by the end of next week it will be fine.



  3. John M Stanley says:

    Note. My email address is all lower case.

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