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  1. Kevin & Joyce Brooks says:

    Please add us to the list of entrants. If I haven’t died of old age by then, we expect to be driving our 1915 Buick.

  2. Graham Donges says:

    Hi Mark,
    It has taken a while (and a bagfull of  $$) to get my motorhome back on the road after a catastrophic transmission failure. So now I am able to start planning logistically for the Adelaide to Darwin run.

    I have My wife Irene as support and Dave Oldland (outback adventurer etc) as co-driver for my 1911 Brush Model F. My Brush is a little slower that the Stanley machine but I am still making small improvements to its performance. By the time it has completed (hopefully) the Canberra, Echuca and Shepparton rallies it should be up to speed.

    Best regards

  3. Bob Lamond says:

    Hi Mark
    As mentioned to you I am giving my Brush a semi retirement and would like to help you on this Expedition – I will be driving my Hilux to the Start from Mudgee and am happy to help out in any way en route to Darwin including the Oodnadatta Track if required .
    Alison will fly to Darwin and we will travel back to Mudgee via Kakadu etc etc

    If anyone wants me to carry their luggage or tow a trailer to Darwin that’s OK but I would have to leave it at Darwin .
    Looking forward to camping out under the stars !
    Bob Lamond

    • Mark says:

      You are welcome Bob, I’m sure the trusty Toyota will come in handy even without a trailer maybe motorcycle rescue?

  4. Bob Lamond says:

    Hi Mark After receiving a pounding from Lyn Brown and other T owners at Echuca about how life is not complete without driving a T I have joined Francis Birtles and now am a proud owner of John Pickup’s 1917 T.

    I am in process of fitting disc brakes and would now like to be an Entrant in this great event.

    I am proposing to drive the T to Adelaide and return to Mudgee from Darwin via Camoweal etc etc Bourke etc.

    This will be simiar to one of Birtle’s T Ford Expedition.

    I have much to learn about T’s and much work to do

    Best wishes Bob L

    • Mark says:

      Disc brakes, what next another cylinder? I think you will get a few starters who would like to join you. If you want I can mention it in the next update.

      As long as you are not tempted to hammer it, it will easily do the trip.

  5. Glynn Hackshall says:

    Hi Mark, can you please put us on the list for the -Adelaide to Darwin rally, Diane and Glen Hackshall, from Qld.,we are at this time considering taking 1910. T model Ford.for this great rally.

  6. Dr Barry Walters says:

    Have spoken to a few friends about the rally which has fired my imagination.
    The vehicle that I think would most suit the journey, of those available to me, is a 1925 Dodge 4 Roadster Fire Appliance.
    If I am not too late for your rally would you please forward any information, literature etc to myself at;-
    Dr Barry Walters,
    11 Yqrrq Street,
    Yarra Glen, VIC. 3775.
    Ph. 0403-539-330.
    E-mail as above.
    Sounds a great venture.

  7. john handley says:

    Dear Mark,
    Would you please update my details, I am edward john h… please leave out the edward. We will be taking the 09 Darracq and of course we come from Queensland.Also check my proper email address.
    We intend leaving darwin and travelling around the coast for the Kalgoolie rally in october 14. Maybe someone might be interested in joining us.
    Regards Handles.

  8. David Couper says:

    Hi Mark
    The form and cheque will be posted to you this week end. I plan to have two co drivers so I will get all to sign if that is OK with you.

  9. Money transferred and fax sent a couple of hours ago.

    • Mark says:

      You are entry No.22, the way we are going entries will have to go onto a waiting list after the next week.



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