Route to Uluru on sealed roads

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Map up to Uluru with unsealed road between Leigh Creek (D) and Coober Pedy (G).

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Uluru to Darwin.

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5 Responses to Maps

  1. Pierre LeRoss says:

    I met John Quinn here in Canada and he told me about your rally. I would like to keep track of your most interesting trip up to Darwin.
    Thank you for letting me join your mailing list.
    Pierre, Model A rebuilder, Early 28 AA, 28 2dr, 31 Sp Cp.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Pierre,

      I will put you on the new mailing list.



      • David Kimber says:

        I’m a 1919 T Ford ‘farm hack’ (aka buckboard) and have been thinking of heading to Darwin, since my owner has family up the track. I don’t think I’m ‘feeble’, but give me strength and I might just about make it. I’ll rest on my skinny tyres and cogitate a while – as will David, my owner.

        • Mark says:

          I really think you should think about bringing your owner along, unaccompanied cars are not encouraged!

      • Pierre LeRoss says:

        Thank you Mark. As some might say ‘yous guys got guts’.

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