Day 16

Day 16

Renner Springs to Daly Waters 243 km

Today I left early firstly to get a site at Daly Waters as they would not take bookings and secondly to catch up with everyone I could at the rest stops along the way.   We have some great pics but Telstra mobile is no match for hundreds of Grey Nomads sending and receiving mega bits of cherished moments to the grandkids. The internet is just about unusable at this time of night here.

photoFirst off we stopped at Elliot or as some wag who had rearranged the sign, Idiot, it seemed funny to me but maybe not to the local folks. The Police provided a welcoming committee as the highway was closed for breath testing.  Peter Arnold’s Buick is LHD but the police did not notice or didn’t want to walk around to the other side so they tested the passenger instead, luckily he did not have whiskey on his Wheaties this morning..

The only other stop was at the Sir Charles Todd memorial which was the site of where they joined the overland telegraph, the memorial describes the join which involved much pulling on the wires to get them close together to join but they were live so the lucky bloke in the middle was zapped (not fatally). Their heroic efforts were unfortunately in vain as although Adelaide could now communicate with Port Darwin the connection to London had to wait 4 months as the undersea cable to Java had sprung a leak and needed to be fixed . Australia would never be the same again.

At the start of this rally most of us thought 243 km a long way in a veteran car, today I had lunch at the destination so spent the afternoon discussing everything but cars, I think we have solved most of the more difficult world problems or at least we think we had.

Internet has just improved as I assume they have all gone to bed, here are some pics.



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