Jackets and a Message from Bob

Sent off the Blue Jackets today…except sizes 16 and 18 as they were supplied in the wrong size.  The black jackets will be sent next week, I also now have blue jackets sizes Ladies 12 and 14 at $20

Also closing the account next week so about $1200 is going to the Ararat Hospital.

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Photos, Jackets & Meal Refunds

I have just uploaded about 500 photos from Frances and they are much better than anything we have taken. Just go to Photo Album and have a look.

Those t20140917_100845_resizedhat ordered jackets and polos they arrived last week…but the jackets were the wrong colour, the right colour should be here soon.  As Wendy at the embroidery shop is now stuck with 17 unsalable jackets in Black with Charcoal lining, they can be had for $20.00 plus $15 postage (2 jackets will fit in a bag)   limited sizing.

If I owe you for meal refunds, email me by mid October otherwise I’m closing the account and sending the balance to Jodie for the Ararat Hospital.

Otherwise who is organising the next one?




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After five and a half days driving we arrived home on Saturday and after three days at work I think I need to go rallying again!

First up I have added our photos to the new menu item “Photo Gallery” if you have photos you would like to share, stick them on a disk or stick at I will add yours.

64 Queen St
Warragul 3820

You can email them to me but it’s probably easier to send them on a disk at full resolution and I will deal with it.

Those that have ordered jackets and shirts, I will be putting the order in at the end of the week.  Sorry I’m a little slow as it may take a week or two for me to get up to speed.

Those that are still on the road I hope you are enjoying yourselves.  Those already back, my commiserations.

Thanks again to everyone for coming along.




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Day 22

Coomalie Farm to Darwin  86 km Final Day

Started the day with free bacon and egg sangers care of the Northern Territory Motor Enthusiasts Club then we waited around for the Air Force to turn up with their kero to noise machines but alas no show.  Anyone choosing to invade Australia here is a clue do it on Sunday morning.

So our final bit of motoring into Darwin was mostly good however Bevars and Lois had a flat and bent the rim(?) so one and a half hours in the Darwin sun to fix. Rod Cripps had a flat 500m from the destination and Marcus after rebuilding the carby on the Harley at last had it running well until a bolt fell off which put an end to all that smooth running.

The NT Motoring Enthusiasts again put on a meal (thanks guys) at the Qantas Hangar which people had trouble finding as it’s airfield is now suburbia so an unlikely place for a hangar.

Finale was at the Darwin Ski Club a great venue if only I had realised that Sunday night is band night so conversation was difficult but the sun setting over the water made up for it. Trophies were awarded for the following:

Peoples Choice Motorcycle Graham Hammond 1918 Indian
Peoples Choice Car Alan Maden 1917 American La France
Longest Distance Travelled Joy Rainey 1904 Oldsmobile
Good Samaritan Award Chris Dillon 1909 Minerva
Hard Luck Award Michael Holding 1910 Buick

Thanks to the following:

Shayne Harris (Rally Books and Survey)
Les Johnson (Rally Medallions)
NT Motoring Enthusiasts (Breakfast and Lunch)
Shannons (The Lunch itself)
RACV (Goody bags)
Lightning (Cleaning Products)
Daniel Sargent (For Towing the much needed workshop)

Special Thanks for their hard work fixing just about anything:

Ian Sargent
Daniel Sargent
Brian Flemming
Neil Bromilow
Colin Stoddart



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Day 21

Bark Hut to Coomalie Farm 130 km

Today was not about the driving as 130 km passes quick enough even at 55 kph, it was all about the fly-in at Coomalie farm.

We arrived after lunch and already various fixed wing, gyrocopters, ultralights, and helicopters were in place but there was more to come firstly an immaculate Pitts Special then a huge single engine (1000 hp ?) Antonov AN2 biplane that was said to fly as slow as 20 knots and evidently the Russians troops would just jump out (or were they pushed) sans parachute into the snow as the thing just skimmed the ground.

I just looked up Wikipedia here is a quote:

A note from the pilot’s handbook reads: “If the engine quits in instrument conditions or at night, the pilot should pull the control column full aft and keep the wings level. The leading-edge slats will snap out at about 64 km/h (40 mph), and when the airplane slows to a forward speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph), the airplane will sink at about a parachute descent rate until the aircraft hits the ground.”

Food was laid on, an aeronautical band played some aeronautical tunes, a big bonfire and of course fireworks. Ticked all the boxes.

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Day 20

Coolinda to Bark Hut 190 km

When we first headed out nearly 3 weeks ago a vehicle with a windscreen was a definite advantage as you could cower behind it from the freezing wind, now the boot is on the other foot, the Sizaire is very cool to drive as long as you keep the speed up…apart from the wind burn.

Started the day with a sunrise cruise from Cooinda where the crocodiles were upstaged by the fantastic scenery and birdlife, very worth while, don’t miss it if you are up this way.

Otherwise all is going well, however I just realised that the rally book does not mention our Sunday night finale, it’s at the Darwin Ski Club from 6:00pm come along to watch the sun set over the sea and the rally.

No Mobile at Margaret River but the free Wifi does the job, no pics today will update later.

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Day 19

Katherine to Cooinda 248 km

Last of the long days today so I started early to beat the heat although as the Siz has no windscreen the evaporative cooling kicks in at over 40 kph, so just keep drinking water.

Yesterday I commented on Chris Dillon going in the opposite direction at the start of the day and in the original draft called him “Chris Wrong Way Dillon” on rereading I thought it a little harsh so removed the “wrong way”.  However today Chris has reestablished his credentials in the navigation department by missing the very well marked turn to Kakadu and headed straight for Darwin or the Minerva was trying to make a break for Port Darwin and first boat to Belgium.  Somehow he has arrived at Cooinda and you can see him fixing Scotty’s 1913 T that ran a few big ends… there was oil in the sump wasn’t there Scotty?

Other disasters were Lee’s Triumph shed it’s pulley so he is now riding the other Triumph (1911?) although that one needed a valve grind but son Rob was on hand to sort that.  As I said Scotty’s T has had the bottom end rebuilt with available materials on hand so it may have leather bearings and a redgum piston if T model legend is anything to go by.

The scenery today was quite varied with the last hill of the rally surprising a few of us, Bob Lamond for instance thought even though he was at the bottom of a valley a sign saying “trucks use low gear” meant a steep decent and as his T has far too many ratios he was stranded in the wrong gear.

An amazing amount of burning off is going on up here so we are constantly coming up on small fires but have not seen anyone ever in attendance.  Occasionally it’s unburnt so the breathing is much easier.

image image (1)From Catrina ”  Thoroughly enjoyed my ride into Kakadu on the Royal Enfield today, and the sunset river cruise was amazing, even if the crocodile was winking at me.”


photo 1

Another use for Telstra rope on Merv Thompson’s T




Photos from Sue, and Frances.  I have added some more photos from John Wightman to some of the previous days.

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Day 18

Katherine 0 km Rest Day

Mostly today it was sightseeing with a little maintenance thrown in just to keep the gods happy, personally I’m just touching wood, only 650 km to go.

Katherine Gorge by air and water and again thanks to Barry (B2) for arranging the 8 gorges for 3 deal in the Robinson R44 Helicopter.

As an aside the Robinson R44 uses about 1 litre per minute and cruises at 200 kph, not bad considering it flies and carries 4 people.

image (2)Received another photo from Catrina and the bike is back together so the alcohol supply has been resumed to the crew.



The following from Trish Jensen (1916 Indian) “Had a slight problem with the linkage, helpful staff at Dunmarra brazed it up for us but, as suspected, it didn’t hold so a new one was manufactured from a 10mm bolt they kindly supplied.”

photo image (1)






Here is a press release from Scotty, obviously still in denial regarding the hot rod potential his car.

What a Car!

The 101 year old unrestored T Model Ford that spent 70 years in a barn in the USA continues to confound the owner Scott Staples and crew as it reached Katherine.

We continue to be frustrated with members of the public who ask when will the car be restored.  To the astonishment of some fellow participants the car is still going well with little maintenance.

Some bird pics from Chris and Geoff just to show petrol heading is not a full time occupation, a few from the chopper and a great one of Chris Knoop’s horn.

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Day 17

Daly Waters to Katherine 270 km

For the first time today I just emptied my spare 10 litre fuel can into the tank and took off, as the map said there was fuel at Larrimah a mere 88 km away, however when we turned onto the highway the nice big blue sign said Larrimah 88 km and the fuel symbol had been painted over. Back to the start I really should have taken notice of Chris Dillon in the Minerva going in the opposite direction on my way out, I just could not decipher his hand signals.

Other than that glitch the day went well.  Highlight was a story retold by to me by Carrot that I initially thought had been uncharacteristically embellished, so I went to the source and it just got better, so rally people, your mission before the rally is out is to bail up Brian or Scotty or better still Brian, Bruce and Scotty and get them to retell the story. Warning do not do this on a full bladder.

20140819_180942_resizedTonight we had a birthday or two here at the Ibis, Bruce and Kevin see the pictures (Bruce is the one without the shirt). Also Bronwyn but alas she was lost somewhere in a B&B.






Here is a photo from Catrina, she is concerned that the Royal Enfield is in bits and indicates that the Whiskey may have to be withheld until some further action happens in the reassembling department.



Tomorrow is a rest day, if you want to go for a helicopter flight Barry (B2) has organised flights, go to the national park, there are 2 outfits pick the one with blue helicopters the pilot’s name is Alan.

Thanks for the photos  Frances, Catrina, Geoff and Merv.

Photo on Day 14 and 15 now updated.

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Day 16

Day 16

Renner Springs to Daly Waters 243 km

Today I left early firstly to get a site at Daly Waters as they would not take bookings and secondly to catch up with everyone I could at the rest stops along the way.   We have some great pics but Telstra mobile is no match for hundreds of Grey Nomads sending and receiving mega bits of cherished moments to the grandkids. The internet is just about unusable at this time of night here.

photoFirst off we stopped at Elliot or as some wag who had rearranged the sign, Idiot, it seemed funny to me but maybe not to the local folks. The Police provided a welcoming committee as the highway was closed for breath testing.  Peter Arnold’s Buick is LHD but the police did not notice or didn’t want to walk around to the other side so they tested the passenger instead, luckily he did not have whiskey on his Wheaties this morning..

The only other stop was at the Sir Charles Todd memorial which was the site of where they joined the overland telegraph, the memorial describes the join which involved much pulling on the wires to get them close together to join but they were live so the lucky bloke in the middle was zapped (not fatally). Their heroic efforts were unfortunately in vain as although Adelaide could now communicate with Port Darwin the connection to London had to wait 4 months as the undersea cable to Java had sprung a leak and needed to be fixed . Australia would never be the same again.

At the start of this rally most of us thought 243 km a long way in a veteran car, today I had lunch at the destination so spent the afternoon discussing everything but cars, I think we have solved most of the more difficult world problems or at least we think we had.

Internet has just improved as I assume they have all gone to bed, here are some pics.



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